Reclaiming a Haunted House

General opinion in my lifetime has split the debate on whether ghosts are actually real. It comes down to the experiences of people. Basically if you’ve experienced super natural goings on you’ll be a believer or if you’re lucky enough not to then obviously you won’t believe. Then again there is always the few who constantly come across the unexplainable but refuse to believe and will come up with any excuse as to why what they have just witnessed wasn’t supernatural – the skeptics.

I started out as a young boy hoping ghosts weren’t real – unless they were like Casper the ghost. They seemed very scary from the movies and TV shows and the playground gossip of kids in general.

I found out when I was around 10 that my dad had lived in a haunted house – he claimed – and it was a very angry ghost. He experienced lying in bed and the sound of someone smashing a sledgehammer onto the joists above him. And smashing glass in other rooms but with nothing to show for it after investigation. I was horrified at these stories being a child and couldn’t sleep for days, but my mum managed to convince me that it was lies so I could sleep again.

I didn’t’ experience anything ghostly after that until I was 16. I was out with my mates in the front room of one of their houses and we were all watching TV. My mate Mike was sitting to the left of me on a chest of drawers in front of a DVD cabinet that was sitting on top of the drawers.

There was no wind in the room, there was actually no windows because they had been boarded up tight – but that’s another story – and the front room door was closed. Suddenly the DVD cabinet flew off the drawers and into the door with such force as if someone had kicked it off the drawers as hard as they could. Mike jumped up and we all froze, wide eyed looking at the cabinet – except Tasha (who lived there) who got up with a wry smile and started picking up the DVD’s and putting them on the side. ”What the fuck was that” someone said, ”didn’t you know? This house is haunted”, Tasha replied as if it was the most normal thing she could have said at that moment. We all quickly left the house and the incident was never mentioned again – like a joint subconscious agreement that we didn’t want to give it any other thought so it would somehow not have happened.

I did live large parts of my life with no activity at all. I was lucky that the houses and flats I lived in from being young to adulthood weren’t haunted. But my luck was then to swiftly run out when it came to moving into a house with my fiancé and kids.

It was a really nice house in a good area although in serious need of a refurbishment as the previous owners were old and had been stuck in the 60’s. It had a homely feel to it and we were looking forward to moving in after the work was done.

The house was overhauled and we couldn’t move in for another few weeks with a few finishing touches needing to be done. When we finally got all of our stuff in the house I felt slightly different. I remember feeling a bit of an atmosphere – like this wasn’t our house and we shouldn’t be there. But I thought it was just because it was new and carried on as normal.

I woke up in the early hours to go to the toilet one morning. When I got back in my warm bed to try to get some more sleep before work all of a sudden I heard footsteps above me which sounded like they were coming from the attic. There were 4 steps then silence. I opened my eyes immediately trying to decipher whether I had just dreamed the sound in my half asleep state or whether it had actually happened. But then the footsteps walked back 4 steps! I was in no doubt that this wasn’t a dream.

My whole body filled with adrenalin but I kept my eyes closed and tried to forget about it.

The next day I thought it could have been my stepdaughter in the room next door, but because I was half asleep my mind was playing tricks making me think it was above me. But it happened the next night as well, the same 4 steps one way and 4 steps back the other. This would go on around 3-4 nights a week. The same footsteps in exactly the same place. I decided not to drink as much water before bed so hopefully I wouldn’t be awake to hear it as it was only after I’d been to the toilet. But then I started waking up to the sound of our boiler, which was in the attic, as it would come on by itself and go off again with a shudder like what sounded like the pipes underneath. Sometimes I’d wake up to it coming on and off constantly and I’d have to get up and mess around with the thermostat to get it to stop.

I hadn’t mentioned anything to my fiancé as she had just given birth to our son and she would be in the house by herself all day and didn’t want her to be scared. But she said to me one day that she keeps hearing something which sounded like rats scurrying around in the attic – I thought as long as she thinks it’s that it’s ok but she wanted me to go and have a look.

Begrudgingly I went up to look for any evidence of rats knowing full well no rats could make the sounds I was hearing. I didn’t find anything, except some creaking floor boards which were around the same place I’d pin pointed the foot steps I was hearing.

I was very spooked at this point so decided to confide in my mum. Her stance on ghosts was that she didn’t want to believe in them – out of sight out of mind as she was petrified of the thought. She said I should put flour down in the attic to see if anything came of it. But I couldn’t see the point of this because if there wasn’t footsteps then that wouldn’t explain anything, and if there was that would be terrifying – what if I found hooves or something!? I’d never step foot in the house again.

I started feeling like I was being watched as I walked around the house. I’d catch things in the corner of my eyes moving and as soon as I looked towards that direction everything would look normal. I would be changing my 6 month old son on the bed as he looked at the ceiling and he would be laughing and almost interacting with the ceiling above me. It was very eery like something invisible was keeping him occupied – which actually helped in a way as I could easily change his bum – although it was a help I’d rather not have.

I hoped it would just go away but it actually got worse. I would be cleaning the bathroom and hear someone run up the stairs behind me, I’d turn around expecting my step daughter to be there but there was never anyone. One night I awoke to see someone in my bedroom and sat up but it was only my stepdaughter – she looks quite scary as a little girl silhouette against the wall at night! I asked her what was up and she told me she heard something downstairs like glass smashing. I reassured her it was probably next-door and to go back to bed. I closed my eyes and listened to see if I could hear anything, but it was silent. Then all of a sudden I heard a very loud crash – like someone slapping their hand down full force on the kitchen worktop – from downstairs. My whole body exploded with adrenaline and my eyes were wide open. I grabbed my baseball bat, which I kept under my bed (burglaries in my city are quite common, and machete wielding robberies weren’t uncommon so I always kept that there for security) and jumped up. I sat at the top of my stairs listening intently for something, anything. After all it could be a burglary rather than a ghost so I couldn’t rule that out.

After hearing nothing for 10 minutes I tentatively made my way downstairs and proceeded to check every room and outside and obviously didn’t find anything, so tried to get back to sleep. The next morning I went downstairs to have my breakfast ready for work while the rest of the house slept – and I felt like I was being watched more intently this time. I drove to work constantly thinking about it, going through my mind what else it could possibly be. I stopped outside the office and sat there for a second and I just happened to look at my mileage trip – that I used to set each time I filled up the van and it was reading – 666.

Now I don’t necessarily believe or disbelieve in god or Satan. Not enough evidence is present to prove it in my eyes but then again I wouldn’t rule it out – but this did seem like a bit too much of a coincidence.

I spoke to a lad who worked at my place about it as he had ‘found god’ and was a born again Christian. He said he believed in ghosts and asked if we had been watching or conducting ourselves in negative ways such as watching loads of horror films – he had a friend who was haunted and this was the conclusion they had come up with. He talked about saying a prayer for him and experiencing an out-of-body crazy feeling where his head was spinning, but wouldn’t go into too much detail. He said in the holy book that a man needs to be the man of the house. If there are ghosts present you need to show them that you are the boss – which all seemed pretty crazy to me, how can you show a ghost who’s boss as you can’t even see them!? Failing that he said find a Pentecostal church and get the priest to come round and bless the house.

I needed to do something as this was all getting was too much for me, but I didn’t get round to it as I was so busy with work. I was just glad to be out of the house altogether. My fiancé hadn’t said a word so I started to think maybe it was just me it was targeting (the ghost). Every now and again I would get home with my fiancé not being there and I was scared, I’d hear all kinds of noises – creaks and knocks from upstairs, so I tried to limit the amount of time I was home alone.

One morning my finance wanted to go shopping and was going to take the kids with her to give me a lie-in. I was half asleep so agreed, as I was knackered from a long week at work. I heard them leave through the door and went to go back to sleep. I suddenly thought I’m home alone and vulnerable lying here in bed and I need to get up. But I was too comfy so thought oh well it will be alright, then my whole body filled with adrenaline and I opened my eyes and went to get out of bed but I couldn’t! I was paralysed lying on my side with only my eyes moving. I tried with all my power to get up but to no avail. It was like my mind was fully active but my body just wasn’t responding! The boiler started coming on and going off again shaking the attic, and I heard the footsteps going back and forth. It was like the house was alive. I could only see as far as my eyes would turn so just the window with sunlight shinning through and the wall. I knew I wasn’t dreaming as I could feel the bed underneath my heavy static body. The door was behind me and it sounded like the footsteps were getting louder! I was frantically trying to move my fingers, toes, anything. Suddenly I could move and shot up out of bed breathing heavily feeling the adrenaline pulsing through my body. But I wasn’t in the house alone as I could hear my fiancé and kids downstairs talking and the TV on. It was the weirdest feeling ever like I was in an alternate universe in my own bed.

This was the last straw, I could kind of deal with sounds and weird things happening, but actually paralysing me was a step too far – I had no control over that and what if it happened to anyone of my family? I couldn’t allow that to happen.

I came down that morning onto the sofa with my fiancé and got my laptop. I decided to Google ‘how to get rid of ghosts’. I literally typed in: How to get rid of – then I heard a big bang in the kitchen! An apple had made its way out of the fruit bowl to the other side of the room. I instantly stopped typing, closed the laptop and waited till I was in work the next day.

I found numbers for Pentecostal churches and rang them but only got answering machines, so I left messages. I was starting to get a little pissed off with the ghost in my house. I was being mugged off in my own property and I think something snapped inside me.

I changed my attitude towards the weird things. Every time I felt something watching me or something move in another room I’d walk straight into it and stare for a few seconds and look around – with the intention of showing I’m not scared anymore. If I was downstairs and heard something from upstairs id run straight up and walk in all rooms and stand there for a while waiting for something – anything to happen but nothing ever did.

I asked the next-door neighbours if they had heard anything or were aware of anything strange – they had lived in that house for 40+ years so if anyone would know it would be them. But they were oblivious. So I asked about the previous occupants of the property and they said a woman called Gina and her daughter lived there years ago. Her daughter died young in the house of cancer and the mum died not long after in that house of ill health to.

So we now kind of had an explanation and a name. I started addressing the ghost as Gina. If my son was playing up I’d actually say help me out Gina! Nothing would happen but it reinforced that I wasn’t scared anymore.

Slowly but surely the strange things stopped happening and there was a much better, calmer presence in the house. I no longer felt like something was watching me and the sounds didn’t happen as often. It’s like the ghost had left or maybe just accepted we weren’t going anywhere. Maybe my friend was right and I was showing whose house it is.

It’s been a year now with only the odd thing occurring, like the footsteps but on a significantly lower scale than before. Maybe Gina had accepted that we weren’t going anywhere and was happy to live in harmony. Maybe she was just annoyed at the wholesale changes we had made to the house. But now we live in a much more peaceful family home. My fiancé still doesn’t know any of this until she reads this blog – ha but I’m confident that Gina has long gone or is prepared to live with us happily so I think it’s safe to share my experience with her and the world.

I have shared my experience with my stepbrother and dad and have had proper conversations with them about their experiences, and if I think I had it bad then I was sadly mistaken because they were dangerously tormented to the point of leaving the house which is about 4 miles from where I live. I drive past it now and again and every few months it’s put up for sale again.

I might get their story one day and post it but it’s not for the faint hearted.

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The NHS Strikes – Why they’re Useless


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It’s another sad day for the working class and a damning indictment (if we needed another one) for this conservative government. NHS nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers and other staff went on strike outside hospitals on Monday 24th November to campaign to get a measly 1% pay rise – the second time this year and part of the same campaign.

NHS workers can only muster a 4 hour strike as people still need health care – underlining their desire to fight to be paid the bare minimum they should be entitled to while causing the least amount of disruption to the care of the public’s health – true heroes in our communities.

It’s amazing we live in a day an age where the most vital service in our community gets treated with such contempt by the government. We haven’t seen a strike in our health service over pay since 1982 when who was in power? – Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government. No surprise there then. We should have seen it coming the minute David Cameron stepped into number 10 with his hand made polished loafers.

And here lies the problem. The conservatives have proved their stance on the NHS on at least two occasions now through this government and Thatchers.

While the Tory tycoons are enjoying their £50,000 a head banquets, and resting on their velvet thrones in their glass towers counting their piles of money, the working class – seen by the Tories as a mass of compliant lemmings – are beavering away at the bottom, scraping a living and keeping their bank accounts topped up through the disgustingly cheap wages they allow us to have.

They see our free NHS health service – that all we lemmings rely on – is simply a service that can be carved up and sold to increase their wealth, which is all that matters to them.

Most of the Lords and Ladies have probably never set foot in a NHS hospital. The thought of being in with the commoners in what they probably perceive as a dirty public institution where they could catch all manner of diseases is unthinkable.

So when they see us lemmings strike outside our beloved NHS hospitals they quickly respond that there is no money, and ask their spin doctors to put a negative spin on it – and make it seem that the strikers are selfish and weren’t all united on the issue (The Daily Mail). They then roll back over in their 4 poster velvet beds and not give it another thought, because all striking will do is harm other poor working class lemmings. It has no impact on their rich upper-class behinds so why should they care?

It’s like we all live in the grounds of a grand lavish castle as peasants in our mud huts and shacks, while they dine and relax safe and sound on their thrones and at their banquets, only bothered about themselves.

It’s great that NHS staff have raised awareness of the lack of a sufficient pay rise while MP’s will have their bank accounts swelled with a handy 9% rise next year. But unless we fight back as a country, as one big unit, it will all fall on deaf ears.

Money talks as the saying goes. So instead we all need to unite and just have a mass sit down for one day. This would get around the draconian anti-strike laws introduced by Thatcher, after the defeat of the Miners in the 1980s. We could keep vital services such as the fire service, police and hospitals running. But if everyone else just stopped for a day then the country, and attendant profit generation, would grind to a halt.

Because the one thing the conservatives can’t ignore is the loss of money and profits. And because there would be a massive loss sustained across the board, a vote of no confidence in this government and an accompanying strong message that we lemmings can’t just be walked all over could result. We could show that we are a untied front against our tycoon paymasters – because without the lemmings at the bottom holding up the infrastructure, there is no infrastructure – which means no money.

I understand this would be very difficult to organise so there is an alternative. Although it doesn’t feel like it a lot of the time, we are supposed to live in a ”democracy”. And if we can convince enough fellow lemmings that what they are reading in ‘The Scum’ and ‘ The Daily Fail’ is, in fact, conservative propaganda, and that we need to vote for the lesser of two evils – the Labour party – and we can beat them!

We are all aware of the campaigns about PFIs which the Tories have emphasised in order to convince people Labour are the ones that started privatisation. But, when Labour introduced PFIs we didn’t have A&E and walk-in centers closed, and waiting times actually decreased!

And, although Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ left a lot to be desired, at least we didn’t see a situation where a record number of children were plunged into poverty (1 in 4 in the UK) and overall poverty is rising like we do today – while at the same time the number of billionaires is actually increasing. In fact there was a big campaign by the last labour government to completely eradicate child poverty by 2020, but that is just another problem the silver spoon Tories have lied about and have shown they really couldn’t care less.

Don’t be fooled by the UKIP siren either. Mr. Farage has openly said in this video that he believes in an insurance-based health service see here. Fooled UKIP supporters will point out that particular policy was voted out. But what they fail to realise is that fellow MP Paul Nuttall has slipped up this year on NHS privatisation! This was retracted from his page this year:

Paul nuttal comments

And this snippet from Question time January 2014 shows him being questioned on his quotes in the above letter that disappeared this year!

Further, this video clearly shows him saying ”The NHS should be open to the free market”.

Unfortunately for UKIP and the Conservatives, but fortunately for us, we live in the Internet age, so we can search, find and share incriminating videos where these liars have shown their true colours. It also gives us a platform to organise mass marches and sit downs.

Let’s stop being divided by corporate propaganda, and be united as the working class army we are as we far outnumber the powers that be!

And, Labour – think on. You may well be the lesser of three evils at the moment, but if you get into power next year, we will be watching.

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Porn – What’s the harm? An ex-addict’s view


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Pornography is everywhere in our society nowadays, and in a lot more places than people realise. The Scum newspaper, amongst others, has Page 3 – which shows a topless woman in it everyday. People will say this isn’t porn – but it is. That kind of image would be quite extreme 50 years ago, but now it’s commonplace. (Page 3 has now been banned – but was still fully flowing when this article was written. Although other newspapers still have it)

The media knows that sex sells – to men especially. They know if they want an online advert link to be clicked, they can just put a half naked woman thumbnail on it and a good percentage of men will click on it regardless of what the link says, and just like that a company earns money. A lot of people in society, women included, think that this is fine, there’s no harm in that. But they are wrong. You see, a half naked woman in an advert or newspaper might seem harmless to some, but for others it’s a gateway to a whole different world.

Porn addiction is a very real, very dangerous thing. For years people would refuse to believe that you could get addicted to pornography, passing it off as just a bit of fun. But now we are seeing it addressed by porn addiction councillors – but it’s still not as big a widespread issue in our society as it should be.

I’ve enjoyed porn from my teenage years like a good majority of lads. I remember the days when still images were all you could see as a youngster, and being caught by my mum – who would go absolutely mad at me about it. As I got older she would send me articles about it, which would change my view and ultimately save me from it going too far, but not before it would affect me enough to have a bearing on my personal life. I was lucky I had that influence from my mum because some people aren’t so lucky.

It started to get bad for me when I moved into my own flat with an Internet connection. Porn was one of the things I looked forward to with living by myself. Which is sad really but that’s how big porn can be in someone’s life. It got to the point I would be watching it 3 times a day and this was before we had Internet on mobiles. Sometimes I would come home from work in the day just to watch it – luckily for me I worked for a maintenance repair firm so was always driving around my city. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I was also seeing a lot of girls at the time, and I found it fine watching porn and courting girls for a year or so. But then all of a sudden I remember on a few occasions bringing girls home and not really enjoying being with them in bed. I’d gotten used to fake looking women having sex in a pornography kind of way, which is obviously different to real life, and I wasn’t finding normal women sexually attractive anymore. It was about the time my mum sent me another article on the dangers of porn and it was playing on my mind.

So I made a decision to stop watching it. Well that lasted about a day and I felt myself drawn to it. I’d read the paper and see Page 3 and immediately want to watch porn, it was like a deep warm adrenaline buzz down in my stomach and I’d have to watch it. It wasn’t a nice feeling; it was more a craving like I’d imagine a drug addict would feel before they needed their next fix. It would cloud my mind to the point it’s all I could think about. I would resist as much as I could – then snap and end up watching it, feeling terrible about it, not even enjoying it, and afterwards feeling dirty as I gave in again to this dark mistress.

I ended up making a deal with myself. If I brought a girl back to my flat and we had sex then I could watch porn once afterwards – after she had gone of course. So that’s what I did. I was still quite good with the ladies casually and brought one back to my flat at least once a week on the weekend. But I was lying to myself when I thought this arrangement was healthy for me. I wasn’t even enjoying the sex, it was all just a laboured exercise because I knew I would have earned watching porn afterwards – and not just the once which I said to myself would be the case, it would be all night – sometimes 4 times in a couple of hours! But one thing it did do is make me feel better about it in my head as ”I’d earned it”. I was still having a sexual social life and hadn’t turned into a loner who stays in and watches porn all day – as a lot of the article my mum had sent me suggested, and I was still able to sexually perform when I was with a girl.

Making me not enjoy sex was not the only way it was having an affect on me. It was the type of content I was watching. Normal couple sex wasn’t doing it for me anymore, it went to two blokes and a woman, then 3 and so on till I was watching full on gang bangs with one women and up to 8 blokes. Then that wasn’t doing it for me so I started flirting with bondage. There is all kinds of horrible stuff you can find online which is perfectly legal – but horrendous. There was stuff I was watching which I’d be disgusted with if I’d viewed it a few years before and it wouldn’t do anything for me, but now it did and I was chasing the never ending buzz with no end in sight. What was more worrying was it was all on normal porn search engines you could find through Google.

I ended up watching teen stuff then. Obviously under the pretence that these women are over 18 – and in reality they are probably in their mid 20’s – but they were in school girl scenes. It was at this point I’d read another anti-porn article about how porn can lead to paedophilia. I then realised that this is very true and it’s a very slippery dangerous slope. I also realised that we live in a society that glorifies teen schoolgirl porn. How is this possible? How many girls are in school at 18 in this country? Why is ”school girl” a popular, mainstream, recognised sexual outfit that women can wear? It’s really sick if you actually think about it! But this is what porn has done to us as a nation and where does it stop?

I ended up meeting my future fiancée, and we had a real spark, and the sex was great. I had a real connection with her and I knew I wanted to be with this woman for the rest of my life. So I knew that porn had to take a back seat – it just had to!

I thought up some techniques I could use which I hoped would work. Every time I’d get the urge, I’d make myself masturbate without it – because then I would be sexually satisfied, albeit temporarily, and the urge would go. It took a long time but after a few weeks of this with excuses as to why I couldn’t have sex with my girlfriend – due to too much practice of the technique – it got easier until I wouldn’t think about it again.

So I was fine for months enjoying my relationship and life again. My fiancée became pregnant and we were expecting our first child. But during the later months of the pregnancy I was becoming less sexually attracted to my girlfriend. It wasn’t because she was getting big; it was that I didn’t feel comfortable with having sex with my son in the room and in some instances on me! I looked it up and it is a very common problem in some men, which after a lot of persuasion my fiancée was happy with.

But unfortunately this opened the door to porn again. Although I wasn’t sexually attracted to my fiancée anymore through her being pregnant, I was missing the sexual satisfaction. I thought watching a bit of porn would be fine as long as it didn’t get out of control. So I started again – and before I knew it I was back sliding down that slippery slope once again.

My fiancée had our beautiful son who’s the apple of my eye – but obviously after giving birth sex was off the table for a good few months, which was fine. In all honesty I wasn’t missing it because that meant I had good run of being able to watch porn without the Mrs wanting sex, which was all I cared about at that time. I was fully engulfed in the process – like an ex heroin addict is when they finally shoot up again after so long. I’d be watching TV at night with my fiancée and see an advert with a half naked woman it, then the inevitable warm adrenaline buzz in my lower stomach would explode like a firework and porn would be all I could think about. I’d say I’m going to the toilet and sneak the laptop in there on mute just to get my fix. Then sneak back out again feeling like naughty school kid who has come back to their mum after doing something wrong. Afterwards I’d say to myself that’s the last time. But soon I was ready again – the urge was just too strong.

My fiancée was closing in on feeling ok to have sex again and she was letting me know well in advance as for her it had been too long without it. Well this filled me with dread because I’d been used to perfectly formed, big fake boobed women online, and my fiancée was showing the after affects of childbirth. Something else was happening too. I was getting ratty towards her and irritable. She wanted to kiss me and I just wasn’t interested. Porn was actually making me reject the woman I loved. I just said the usual excuse like ”I’m tired” etc, then just go back into the toilet to satisfy my addiction. It was all that mattered and I was blinded to my fiancée’s needs.

I ended up having sex with her for the first time after her constantly complaining that I wasn’t putting out. The excuses of ”I’m too tired from work, I have to get up early in the morning and are you sure you’re ready?” were wearing very thin. So one night I gave in and we had sex. Well without going in to too much detail, I failed half way through. I just wasn’t enjoying it. Any man reading this will know, when you don’t rise to the occasion, or flop half way through – it is the most mortifying experience we can experience as a man. No matter what your partner says – it’s horrible. But much to my surprise my fiancée reacted differently than I thought she would – instead of reassuring me, she was basically in tears – ”you don’t love me anymore, you don’t find me attractive!’’ I was shocked to say the least. I was in a state, embarrassed beyond belief, and she’s the one feeling worthless. Which when I thought about it was completely understandable.

So I decided to partake in the long arduous process of weaning myself off the porn once again. I looked on forums for help as this time it was proving too difficult. ”How do you desensitize yourself to porn,” I typed in. To my surprise there was no end of men asking the same question with lives literally in tatters over this dark addiction. One person said refrain from all sexual activity. No masturbating, no sex for a month, It’s hard but if you want to conquer it you have to do it because by the end of the month you’ll be that pent up, ‘you’ll be able to shag anything’ – I think his words were.

So I decided to do it – For my fiancée, my son and my own mental health I had to man up and do the right thing.

Luckily I was in the fight game as well – MMA and boxing, and had a fight coming up in a few months. So I imposed a sex ban. It was the perfect excuse. Fighters do it all the time and my fiancée couldn’t say anything, as I needed to be on top form for my fight.

After a month of hell and a couple of relapses, I managed it. There were many, many weak moments. I stopped reading the Scum as it was just littered with triggers – and bullshit Tory sympathising rubbish – so it was a welcome change in two respects. I let my laptop run out of battery so I couldn’t access it and just used pure will power.

I’m pleased to say I’m out the other side now. It’s been over a year since I had that horrible warm feeling in my stomach and my future wife and myself have a great sex life and I love her more than anything in the world. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Like I say – in our society now, we live in a world with porn everywhere. You could be searching for something innocent online and all of a sudden there’s a half naked woman trying to sell you something. On Facebook pages there are sexually suggestive posts, and girls are dressing more provocatively in their profile pictures – all of this a very easy trigger for a porn addict.

I look back on it now and I was a horrible human being. I rejected the woman I love, I withheld a sexual relationship with her and treated her horribly, and now I had a son to look after and spend my time on. Breaking my addiction was the best thing I ever did.

I not only saw a change in me during my porn watching period, but in my friends as well. I was using a friend’s phone to search for something online and in the search history was gay porn. I was shocked! He has been a very close friend over the years, had long-term girlfriend after long-term girlfriend and, in between, was a very successful straight bachelor. So this was a massive shock. But I didn’t say anything to him, as it was his business.

One day he told me he had been seeing men for one-night stands. I almost fell over. Not because he was saying he was having gay relationships as I have a number of gay friends – it was more the fact that he was probably the straightest red-blooded male I have ever come across. It turns out that while he was single he had watched that much porn that it just didn’t do it for him anymore. It progressed onto transsexual porn, then to gay porn, to actual gay sexual relationships.

I have heard stories of men going down the route of child pornography as well. Men who would never think about abusing children, growing up with a perfect upbringing and ending up in jail because they’ve watched that much porn nothing satisfies the beast anymore – as it were – and have gone to the next extreme of abusing children.

That’s all born out of porn progression. Chasing the buzz, very much like what a drug addict goes through.

We as a society aren’t realising the dangers that this is causing. It’s becoming more and more commonplace with advertising and the Internet that more and more relationships and children’s lives are going to get destroyed.

There was an interview with bestselling American novelist John Grisham recently, which said and I quote “We have prisons now filled with guys my age. Sixty-year-old white men in prison who’ve never harmed anybody, would never touch a child, But they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn.” The key words in this quote are ”went too far” and ”would never touch a child”. He is right in the statement that they are not necessarily paedophiles, but the main word he misses out is ”yet”, and going too far doesn’t stop, it goes as far as it takes before it doesn’t work anymore then the next stage is real life.

They may not have harmed a child – just viewed some content online in the comfort of their own home. But just like millions of other men, when they first start watching porn they would never dream of looking at child porn. But now they are doing just that – drunk or not. And where does it end? What about when that doesn’t satisfy their burning desire to get off? There is only one more step after that isn’t there?

Mr John Grisham’s comments are just contributing to the problem. He is saying it’s fine publicly, which will let men around the world know, who are already at that stage, that what they are doing is ok.

I’m not saying locking everyone up is the answer because it’s not. We need stricter laws in this country about porn. I don’t think you could ban it all together which would be ideal but the age girls can star in porn should be higher – 25 at least. Anything depicting a scene in a school etc needs to be banned, offenders need proper counselling to reverse their mindset and behaviour and an all round awareness on the dangers of porn needs to be addressed internationally.

I watched a show on a person who is a self-proclaimed paedophile hunter – ”Stinson Hunter”. He catches paedophiles online by posing as an underage girl, luring men to an address, getting them on film and turning them over to the police. Most of these men aren’t paedophiles. Well, they don’t start off as paedophiles anyway. They’ve watched that much porn they have progressed to meeting young girls. An ex police officer on the show says he tried to do the same thing and catch paedophiles online. He stated worryingly that out of 2000 men he spoke to as an under age girl, only 2 wouldn’t meet him after he said how old he was – in this case 13.

This is an endemic problem in the Internet age, and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency otherwise it will only get worse.

I haven’t even mentioned the low buzz reinforcement of the exploitation of women in mainstream newspapers, magazines, TV programmes and films – which is another story all on its own.

People from both sides of the gender divide are in trouble and we need to put a stop to this before it’s too late, otherwise we are going to be living in a society of paedophiles, broken relationships and ruined children’s lives.


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Our Cruel Conservative Society


Ever since a young age I’ve heard my mum talk about politics. My grandad was also an avid supporter of politics – he knew we needed to pick the leaders of our country wisely as the leaders we do pick ultimately decide the lives we live. He saw the damage Thatcher’s government did in her reign of terror on the unions and working class. He watched as she privatised everything she could get her privileged, privately educated hands on. He saw her destroy the miners, emotionally and physically and with it millions of working class families. He voted every 5 years and sat up all night watching the live results coming through, praying he didn’t have to endure another Tory government. He passed all this knowledge and experience onto my mum who then in turn passed it to me. As soon as I was educated on the history, I was…

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The England Football Team’s Failures


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We as football fans go through the same emotions on a national scale. We love our clubs, go to games and get really passionate about our football.

Then the international break comes and the whole country stops to watch the best bunch of Englishmen from across the leagues fight with St. George on their chests. We get built up season after season as the big international tournaments come closer. The Englishmen in the premier league set their teams alight and we start to get really excited about what might be. The papers and media talk the team up and the country gets to fever pitch. Then the competition hits and our boys come home early to disappointment as yet another England team has failed to inspire, compete and make any headway on the biggest stage of all. We all as one come crashing down to earth. Pundits shout that we need a change from top to bottom. The papers have a field day at slating each individual player for weeks. All kind of explanations get thrown about which are exactly the same as what was said 2 years previous, and every fan in the country says ”I’m not going to bother next time!!”. But low and behold another tournament gets closer and we start the long arduous process again.

So why do England always fail to deliver on the international stage? They all play in arguably the best league in the world. Bar Real Madrid and Barcelona we have the richest teams in the world. We play fast competitive football every week. No game is easy. We boast some of the best foreign players in the world and is a melting pot of hard, fast, entertaining football. So surely as all of our national team players play in this exciting, world-class league we should have a world-class team. But for some reason we don’t. I’ve heard it come down to the managers. But we have had multiple world-class managers manage multiple teams and the end result is always the same. I’ve heard we haven’t got the youth coming through. But if you look at the stats for under 19 euro championships guess who has won it the most times? We are joint highest winners with Spain with 9 wins each. We’ve been runners-up 5 times to Spain’s 4 which makes us edge the stats. So on 9 occasions our under 19 footballers have been the best in Europe. Also last year our under 17’s won the Euro championship. So that can’t be it. Spain won back-to-back European Championships either side of a world cup between 2008-2012 so why not us?

But maybe the premier league isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We certainly hold our own in the champion’s league albeit not being the best. But it’s made me think of the bigger picture. We now have a Premier league that only boasts around 33% of actual English players. With the constant influx of foreign international players some say that should enhance the England team due to learning different skills from abroad and more competition for places. Which arguably it does. But still our national team fails to deliver.

So I’ve decided to look at other successful international teams to see how many premier league players are present in the tournaments. Or teams that have won it that have a squad that are mainly taken from premier league teams since it was formed. My findings were quite surprising. The teams that have won it since 1992 (when the premier league was formed) with premier league players in the squads are as follows:

  • Brazil 1994 – 0 players
  • France 1998 – 3 players
  • Brazil 2002 – 1 Player
  • Italy 2006 –    0 players
  • Spain 2010 – 3 players
  • Germany 2014 – 4 players

So as you can see the best teams in the world since the premier league has started have had a total of 11 players in them out of a possible 138. Also if you look more in-depth, those 11 players aren’t even nailed on starters in those teams throughout the respective tournaments.

In the latest world cup in 2014 if we look at the four teams that made the semi finals: Germany, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands. There were a total for 16 players representing the Premier League in those squads – an average of 4 each, which out of 92 players, is hardly prominent.

But if the premier league is the best most competitive league in the world why aren’t the best international teams in the world made up of premier league players? And why aren’t premier league teams, albeit doing well, not dominating champions league competitions? How can a league like Spain for example who until recently with Athletico Madrid, only have 2 competitive fixtures (Real Madrid v Barcelona) a season, and just bulldoze the rest of the teams in the league, or the German league that has one team in Bayern Munich who dominates and destroys every other team in the league on a weekly basis, be better breeding grounds for international players than the premier league that play competitive, difficult games week after week. Surely the fast, hard, never say die attitude shown by all teams in the Premier league would be a better place for players to develop and improve than the other leagues in Europe.

Maybe that’s because it’s in fact not as good as we think it is. Or maybe because we have no winter break and there are no easy games the players are simply too tired by the time tournaments come.

Whatever it is, it gives food for thought that it’s not just England that fails at tournaments. It’s other teams that are made up by premier league players that struggle as well. So we can stop using the excuse of ” We boast players that play in the best league in the world though” because in fact that just isn’t true.


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Glory supporter or hometown club?


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The age-old debate of supporting the football team from the town you live, or opting for a bigger more successful team.

I am a Coventry City supporter. I was born in 1989 and raised in the city of Coventry. I’ve supported them ever since I first took my grandad’s hand as he lead me through the terraced housing streets of Hillfields amongst the sea of Sky blue, down the concrete steps of the famous west terrace, where I would have a future season ticket, to be captivated by the magical, albeit 0-0 draw against Stockport County, by the amazing global sport we call ours.

I have followed them from the old, rusty, memory laden Highfield road to the more modern 21st century football ground that is the Ricoh Arena – but not to Sixfields which is another story entirely.

I have always been against glory supporting. I have had friends that support Man Utd, when they have lived in Coventry, all their lives and have no connection to Manchester what so ever. I have even been to Old Trafford more times than most of them to watch Coventry beat them 2-0 in the Carling Cup!

It really annoyed me for a long time. Especially when Coventry were relegated from the premiership then moved to the Ricoh, to a 32,000 seater stadium and only ever averaging around 17,000 fans a week. I thought if all of those glory hunters just supported their own team we would have a full stadium, which equals more money, and hopefully get us back up to the promise land.

If there was a glory hunting haters club I would be president of that club. The old plastic fans insult and the jokes: ” don’t sit too close to that radiator you might melt” etc, or referring to their choice of team to a mere TV team for the armchair supporters. It annoys me to see little kids around Coventry City Center wearing an Arsenal or Chelsea shirt. Although you can afford slight leniency to these kids if their dads are from said areas of the UK and have brought their sons up to support their own team.

I now have a 1 year old son. Who when was born I couldn’t wait to get him his first Coventry City FC shirt, and had all the lines and excuses ready in my head why he should support them and not a big premiership team.

But I seem to be changing in my grand old age of 25. I had an epiphany the other day when I was looking at the turmoil my club is currently in. If you didn’t know we don’t own our current ground The Ricoh Arena. There was a dispute between the club and owners about rent, which resulted in point’s deductions and moving our club to play at Northampton’s ground Sixfields. It wasn’t until this happened that I realised how much of an integral part your local football team is in your life if you’re a supporter.

I was one of the groups that refused to go to Sixfields as we were disgusted with how the club was being run. So out of protest we wanted to starve the club of money to force them back to our city. It was like loosing a limb because I had nothing to do on the weekend or Tuesday nights, there were friends I didn’t see anymore, and there was a real divide in the city between the goers and the abstainers. It really got me down as it would any football fan. But thankfully our boycotting paid off and we are back at the Ricoh. The news of that when it hit filled me up with tears of joy. I was so happy! It was the best news I could have heard.

So now I’ve reflected on the situation. We as Coventry City fans have been through two relegations, points deductions, no club in my city and poor results on the pitch. I’ve realised how much my football club affects my day-to-day life. Which is a lot. Current turmoil aside, when I check the results on the weekend or go to a game and see we’ve lost, it puts me in a bit of a mood for the rest of the day.

So I’ve debated about how healthy it is to have a really passionate hobby, supporting a team that you have no control over, when it has a bearing on your day-to-day life. I wondered how many times I’ve been down over the years as a result of Coventry losing, and I can bet it’s a hell of a lot.

Then I thought do I want to put my son through that? Do I want to put him through the emotional rollercoaster that is supporting Coventry City Football Club?

I was listening to Talk Sport the other day and they were debating on whether to play a premiership game abroad for international fans. Then they said about maybe taking one of the cup finals abroad.

At that point a chap who supported Manchester United rang in (not even slightly a Mancunian accent I might add). He said ”you can’t do that because if any of the smaller teams get to the final then that might be their only chance to get to Wembley”. After hearing this I thought he’s right! That really would be amazing if Coventry got to Wembley again (I wasn’t born when we won the FA cup in 1987). It made me realise that it must be almost commonplace for him as a Manchester United fan to go to Wembley. What a great life he must lead? I wonder how the success of his team has impacted on his life. Maybe one day it resulted in him working a bit harder at work, or being a bit more friendly with his boss because of the buzz he’s got about his team winning another cup – and as a result got a promotion etc. I wonder if people who support the top teams in the country are generally happier and more successful than people who support teams in the lower echelons of the football league. Obviously there are many mitigating factors and you couldn’t gauge such an experiment. But it’s a real possibility.

So that leaves me with a dilemma and it has come down to 3 options regarding my son.

Do I option 1: Bring him up as a Coventry City supporter and reduce him to a potential lifetime of unhappiness and disappointment.

Do I option 2: Take him to see Chelsea and bring him up as a Chelsea supporter so he can be happy with his successful team for years to come. Which will maybe have a positive impact on his every day life (I couldn’t bring myself to let him support Manchester United or Man City glory or not).

Or do I go for option 3: Bring him up to support no one. Yes I said no one. I remember working on site one day and chatting to a site manager, as you do, about which football team he supports. And he said something I’ve never heard before. He said ”I love football. I teach it to kids in my area (Leicester). But I don’t support anyone because although I love football I don’t want it to impact on my everyday life”. At the time of him saying this I thought he’s mad. But as I’ve got older I can see his point. So option 3 would be to take my son to see a different team each week. We’ll go to Stoke City, then Chelsea, then arsenal, and then maybe Southampton etc so he can just enjoy it for what it is, football.

Although he might go to school and end up coming home supporting Man Utd anyway! Making the whole exercise pointless, it’s definitely something to think about and thankfully have a few more years yet.

But ultimately it comes down to whether I bring him up loyal to his hometown club, or for a happy successful football supporting life. Hmmm.


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A single mum’s household from a son’s view


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We have a massive problem in this country of stereotyping people. We all try not to do it. But every one of us is guilty at some point in time of jumping to a conclusion about another person. Just by looking at them and pairing them to a stereotype, whether that be subconsciously or verbally.

Single mums have been demonised in this country by the media and middle to upper class society. They’re seen as loose (for getting pregnant irresponsibly), or as bad mums that can’t control their kids.

My mum was a single mum. She split up with my dad when she was pregnant with me. She had a hellish upbringing, just like my auntie and uncle did regarding their stepfather. But that is another story entirely. My dad was an idiot in no uncertain terms and they just clashed – so my mum ended the relationship.

The first house I remember living in was in Hillfields Coventry. If you know the area you’d be aware it is far from ideal with massive crime and prostitution in the community. Kerb crawlers propositioned my mum on a few occasions as she walked down the street!

But it was all she could afford. My dad was reserved to paying her the bare minimum in child maintenance. And while my mum had a full-time job, breaking her back to keep a roof over our heads, she was always loving to me. She knew we lived in a rough area, but she’d get us up extra early and drive me across the other side of Coventry to a primary school in a nice area, then go to work all day, then drive back in rush hour to pick me up and take me home.

I only had one friend from next door when we lived in Hillfields. All I ever heard from that house was shouting and banging from his mum and dad. He had two sisters and was not very well behaved at all. He would always ask me to do naughty stuff, which I would refuse. Until one day he was throwing bricks over someone else’s garden. I thought it was a good idea so joined in. Then the neighbour came round and had a go at my mum and she went absolutely mad at me!

My mum could see the potential path I was going down even at 5 years old. So decided to move us to another part of the city even if it meant having less money than we already struggled on.

So it wasn’t long before we moved to Earlsdon. Which is a very sought after area in Coventry albeit in a terraced house. It also meant I’d be going to one of the best public secondary schools in the city, as we were in the catchment area.

Moving hit us hard financially. So she decided to enrol at university to further her education in order to get a better job and better life for us. But she was determined to make sure I had the best possible start in life she could provide – even if that meant us eating beans on toast for tea a lot of the time because we couldn’t afford any better. I remember her sending me up the shop on my scooter to get some Dolmio sauce for a rare spaghetti bolognese for tea. On the way back I dropped the jar and it smashed. She went absolutely mad. And I couldn’t understand why. I said I’d go back up and get another one but she just simply couldn’t afford to buy another one.

My dad wasn’t around a lot when I was younger. Him and my mum had an agreement he would see me every second Sunday. Even then he would let us down. It really annoyed me as I had two half brothers that lived in Tamworth and that was the only chance Id see them. So my dad wasn’t around to give me guidance at all, which made it harder on my mum, as there was never a second opinion or male perspective on matters. But that wasn’t her fault. My dad was still out drinking and being irresponsible so it was better for all parties if they were apart.

When I started secondary school I was introduced to all sorts of new things such as drugs and girls, which contradicted what my mum tried to do. She’d moved us over the other side of the city, to the best school, so I’d have the best chance of success. But unfortunately drugs were rife, and it was hard to ignore that as a young boy surrounded by older influential kids.

My mum was really hard on me for getting into trouble at school. If I got a detention then id be grounded which I used to argue was a double punishment, but that didn’t matter. What my mum said was final. She instilled a conscience in me. I was always scared of my mum in a discipline way. If I ever got into trouble with the police or school I couldn’t care less about what they’d say, it was when my mum found out I knew I was in real trouble!

But I fell into the wrong crowd at school. We started smoking weed which led do other harder social drugs. I loved it. But it wasn’t an escape from reality or a cry for help, which is what people think. I tried the drugs and had an amazing time. All my mates did. We really enjoyed it and being a teenager at that time, there was literally nothing to do on the streets unless you have money for summer camps etc, so drugs and drink was the only thing anyone ended up doing. Society had let us down. There was no youth clubs or after school activities. All the centers were being closed down in the communities. I suppose the ideology in the school I went to was that: because it was in an upper class area, then parents had money to send their kids to summer or football camps etc. Which just wasn’t the case. They also couldn’t deal with naughty kids either. We were just alienated from the rest of the school and left to our own devices, which only contributed to the problem.

When my mum found out about me smoking weed she lost the head big time. She got straight on the phone to my dad, and sent me away for two weeks with him to Wales to teach me a lesson. I was scared of what my dad would say. But it turned out sending me away would have the opposite effect. My dad would always laugh and play down what I got up to because, in his words, he’d got up to far worse when he was younger and turned out fine. So inadvertently, my mum sending me away was meant to be a lesson and punishment but it just reinforced my bad behaviour.

I started getting arrested a lot. My mum used to ground me for weeks on end and take the small TV out my room. It was worse than prison. But I still went on to cause trouble. Although I was a little shit I wasn’t as bad as my friends at school who spent the majority of their school life suspended. I was one of the bad ones but never the worst, and I have my mum to thank for that for putting a conscience in my head and stopping me doing a lot of things, a lot worse than I was doing.

When it was time to do our GCSE’s all of my mates had to do them in a separate room to everyone else, but I wasn’t quite naughty enough to be separated with them. My mates would be out drugging and drinking leading up to the exams when they should have been revising. I would have been out quite happily with them but my mum kept me in under lock and key revising. Much to my annoyance! And although my best grades were C’s and D’s, they were still a massive improvement on my mates scores. The grades helped me get a future apprenticeship. But if my mum hadn’t shackled me to revision I wouldn’t have got any grades at all.

After I left school things went from bad to worse. Because I was under 17, every time I got arrested my mum had to be the ”appropriate adult” and by law needed to be present in the interview with me. She was always so mortified. She eventually gave me an ultimatum. I fix up or she kicks me out. I don’t blame her. I was robbing her money and fags – anything I could get my hands on. I found out later she was going to counselling and on anti-depressants because of my behaviour: also I was giving her more and more trips to the police station. So I duly agreed to the ultimatum. Then on her birthday a week later I was a woken in my room my two police officers ready to take me down the station again. Well this was the final straw.

The only place I could go was into my dad’s house. He had converted it into 3 flats. So I had one of them, and to pay for it I had to work for him. I was angry that she had kicked me out, but she had no choice. She tried her hardest but was reduced to counselling and anti-depressants.

I quickly realised I didn’t want to work for my dad, as it was hell. He was a slave driver anyway, but especially to his sons. At that point my brother had been fallen out with him for over a year, after 5 years of working for him got too much. I was struggling to work under him for 3 months, let alone 5 years!

So to my rescue came my mum. She proposed I get a plumbing apprenticeship and applied for me. I got accepted on the wrong course. It was only for a year full-time at college. I wasn’t really bothered as I was still in my drug-fueled state. But she wasn’t happy. She rang up the college and kicked off big time. They ended up giving me an apprenticeship if I passed the interview with the local council. So that was it. She got me some nice clothes and taught me some interview techniques: to smile, shake hands, ask questions etc. So I did and got the job out of 2000 applicants! All thanks to my mum :-).

I was still off the rails. And living by myself didn’t help, as I had no guidance. But my mum was always there, from a far, helping me whenever she could. She knew that trying to control my life and shackle me didn’t work so decided to be there for me when I said I needed it.

Things got worse before they got better. The drugs were starting to take their toll on me. I became paranoid and unable to communicate in society anymore. The paranoia resulted in me having erectile dysfunction. As a 17-year-old boy that was crushing. I know now I was deeply depressed and in a total mess. I thought about ending it all. But then I thought about my mum. I knew taking my own life wouldn’t just kill me. It would kill my mum as well. How could I do that to her? I owed her so much. She’d helped me hold down that job till I came out my time and finished college. I would never have finished or even got the apprenticeship without her. She always sensed I was down. She suggested counselling on a few occasions. I knew she had gone before but never thought it would help me.

So one day I decided to go, for my mum, I owed her everything.

I went to Discovery Caddy, which was a free counselling service for under 18s. I really didn’t have much hope because I thought I was just postponing the inevitable.

Well it changed my life. Julie her name was and she put my whole life into perspective for me. It was amazing. I’m so glad now I did it and if it wasn’t for my mum I don’t know if id be here today. I had a new lease of life. But I was still involved with the wrong type of people, albeit sober now, but I ended up being stupid and did 3 months in jail.

I had a chat with my mum through letters and visits. She helped me change my life around. I Changed friends in my life, moved out of the area and realised my bad ways.

I now have a lovely fiancé, son and stepdaughter. I live in a nice house and work for a company in Birmingham on good money with my plumbing qualifications. My mum helped me every step of the way. I know a lot of lads, who have grown up with both parents at home, that have turned out a lot worse than I have. Which has resulted in them doing long spells in jail, or addicted to drugs.

The moral of the story is stereotyping single mums is wrong. If someone looked at my mum and me as I was growing up, they’d think ”typical”.

But we were the product of our environment. If you live in the working class world things are a lot harder for you to survive. There was nothing she could do to stop what happened. She sacrificed nice things and money to move us to a better area, near a decent school. She went back to university so she could get a better, well paying job. She drove over to the school in rush hour every day and night to give me the best possible life. She grounded me, stopped me seeing certain people, banned me from areas, and phoned the police on me. She stopped at nothing to help me get a job and straighten my life out. If it wasn’t for her I would never have come through that period of my life. But thanks to her I did with good qualifications, morals, and a decent job. If my mum and Dad had have been together during this period no doubt he would have played down my behaviour and who knows what could have happened.

I owe her my life. She was my mum, my dad, my guardian, enforcer and my hero and I love her more than anything in the world. Thank you mum for giving me the life I now lead through the toughest possible circumstances.

I’m not saying every single mum is as dedicated to their children’s cause, or every couple is perfect. But the stereotype in this country needs to change, along with policies on youth development for the working class. Until this happens there will be children going off the rails repeatedly no matter what household they come from, and if people try to help, rather than watching shows such as ”Benefits Britain” stereotyping people and demonising them, we won’t see a change.

Foot Note: My mum passed her degree with a first, and in 2014 became a doctor as she passed her PHD with no modifications. Not bad for a working class single mum hey.


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Our Cruel Conservative Society


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Ever since a young age I’ve heard my mum talk about politics. My grandad was also an avid supporter of politics – he knew we needed to pick the leaders of our country wisely as the leaders we do pick ultimately decide the lives we live. He saw the damage Thatcher’s government did in her reign of terror on the unions and working class. He watched as she privatised everything she could get her privileged, privately educated hands on. He saw her destroy the miners, emotionally and physically and with it millions of working class families. He voted every 5 years and sat up all night watching the live results coming through, praying he didn’t have to endure another Tory government. He passed all this knowledge and experience onto my mum who then in turn passed it to me. As soon as I was educated on the history, I was horrified to see David Cameron’s conservative government get in at the last general election.

So as we approach another general election and a another (potential) 5 year term of conservative office, I pray also that they get booted out on their upper class behinds as another 5 years will spell disaster to this country and hundreds of thousand of working class lives.

Class categorises the main political parties – although they tend to be privately educated men and women, they do stand for different things – even though the common perception is they are all in fact the same. I only have to look at the results of my own city to see the divide, and which class both parties fall into. All the rich, well off, sought after areas are Tory strongholds, and all the lesser working class areas are Labour. Luckily – and I suppose not so luckily – I live in an overwhelmingly Labour area. So our council is run by Labour although we are told what to do by a Conservative government.

David Cameron in many ways upped/surpassed the assault on the poor that Margaret Thatcher began. He has cut every public service from policing to health care, from disabled benefits to housing allowances while spilling his bile about ”all being in it together” to cut the country’s deficit. At the same time all this is going on he is giving tax breaks to the very rich of this country. He is selling off the national treasure that is the NHS, and Royal mail on the cheap stating that privatisation breeds competition and so is cheaper for consumers. But really it just drives prices upwards and customer care downwards while helping his rich friends along the way. It was a fact that George Osborne’s (Cameron’s right hand man) best man at his wedding made millions from the sell off through shares, as no doubt did a whole host of other Tory tycoons.

He has cut benefits and introduced a bedroom tax on spare rooms so that families are reduced to using food banks because they can’t afford food anymore! We live in the 7th richest country in the world but have a level of poverty close to the old eastern block countries, which just highlights the financial divide the Conservatives love to foster in Britain. They love shows such as ‘Benefits Britain’ or Benefits Street’ which justify these heinous acts so people agree with what they are doing. The elderly are dying in the winter due to not being able to afford heating bills as the energy companies – privatised by Thatcher – increase bills and profits with no end in sight.

People are being refused medical treatment because of the cost at our FREE health service (created by Labour) because of the vile cuts they impose. University fees were tripled overnight to keep the working class masses uneducated and therefore no threat to future Conservative governments, as we all know without knowledge we have no power.

They have sold Council estates to their rich property developing friends, who then raise prices so the tenants can’t afford them, boot them out, renovate the property and then sell them/rent them to middle to upper class families. I think the technical term for that is social cleansing.

The Conservatives paint a bad picture of poor families implying that it’s their own fault for the financial state they are in. So instead of increasing minimum wage (which Labour introduced) and tax credits so it’s financially viable for families to stop living on benefits, they cut benefits further to force people into work. But all this has proved is that it sinks even more people into poverty, with low paying jobs that won’t support the household bills and childcare, plunging families into debt and trapping them with nowhere to go.

They control the two most read newspapers in the country ”The Scum” and ”The Daily Fail” to keep the working class in line and smoke screen what is really going on. ”The Sun” uses quite a clever strategy. They advertise naked women in order to appeal to a certain target audience. The majority of workers in the building trade are men, all from working class backgrounds, who read ”The Sun” for this very reason. Then they brainwash people with their pro Tory views and before you know it they are all voting conservative. Recently Tory welfare minister Lord Freud said that disabled people were not worth the minimum wage. Obviously there was a big media backlash, with the papers showing the story on their front covers, except which two papers? You guessed it. If an outsider was to look at Britain, they may come to the conclusion that it’s more of a dictatorship than a democracy.

The Tories are showing statistics and figures depicting that we as an economy are growing, unemployment is falling, and the country is on the road to recovery all thanks to them. But if we cross-reference that with the shocking figures that 6.7 million workers are officially in poverty, regular pay rose 0.7% year on year, when inflation was as high as 1.9%. In London suburbs such as Bethnal Green 49% of children live in poverty, and in at least 20 towns and cities a 3rd of children are in poverty including Manchester, Birmingham and Middlesbrough. But out of all the G7 countries, Britain was the only one where the richest 10% of adults have increased their share of the country’s wealth. It paints a pretty obvious picture of the Conservative’s agenda.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Labour. The Conservatives have painted a picture of them as money wasting idiots that couldn’t run a country if their lives depended on it, which they then back up with the recession, which happened during a Labour term, and with the massive debt this country is now in. But if we analyse the facts we can see this is utter rubbish. Granted, the recession hit during a Labour government. But correct me if I’m wrong – but there was a worldwide recession at the same time. We used to be a booming industrial country with a massive car manufacturing industry until Thatcher removed the law that stated companies could only outsource a small amount of work abroad. So now we have millions of jobs going abroad, damaging the economy.

For every tycoon in the Tory party who has a million pound successful business they seem to miss the point when it comes to the country. With the privatisation of the energy companies, railways and Royal Mail, we now as a country don’t make money off business, just taxes. Which obviously won’t sustain us because a lot of companies, such as Amazon don’t actually pay their taxes.

Meanwhile, with sky-high university fees people aren’t learning sufficient skills to earn top money, which also doesn’t then contribute to the economy.

Labour did remove restrictions so people could borrow more and buy houses, which backfired as people got in debt and the banks crashed. But at least they did that to help people. They had good intentions; it just went wrong but who doesn’t make mistakes? The banks should shoulder some of the blame for lending to people who clearly couldn’t afford it. So it is a history of mainly Conservative policies, which has destroyed this country.

We have another party now rising in UKIP (In their leader’s own words and I quote ”the true inheritors of Thatcher”). They float the idea that being in the European Union allowing free movement between countries and the influx of immigrants is contributing to the failure of this country. They promise that they will leave the EU if they get in power and try to be like everyday working class people with their leader’s Nigel Farage’s publicity stunts – by drinking in pubs, and also by advocating smoking be brought back to the taverns.

But these Tories in disguise mustn’t woo us! They will continue to privatise the NHS citing that making it a competitive institution it will breed competition making it better. Erm where have I heard that before? They believe in taking away the rights workers have so they aren’t entitled to sick pay when they are off work due to illness. People think that a vote for UKIP would be better than conservative. But with Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless defecting to UKIP from the conservatives we see that they are the same party, if not worse in some people’s eyes.

It’s disgusting that the most read media are so lame that it does not challenge the Conservatives and UKIP – making them like heroes – the uneducated working class follow the band wagon and vote to get them into power only realising afterwards their lives are ruined.

It’s a shame that the majority of the people directly affected by these horrible polices don’t even vote! There was once a time when only the middle to upper classes were allowed to vote. But now it’s open to everyone, people choose not to as they are so disillusioned with the system and believe all the rubbish they hear about politicians.

The thing is we need to vote.

People have noticed over the past 5 years the change and the poverty, death and hardship more than ever.

  • The NHS staff have gone on strike about appalling wages! (First time in 32 years when who was in charge? Thatcher)
  • There has been and endless precession of marches, and protests against the government’s cruel policies.
  • 27 church Bishops wrote an open letter to David Cameron on the appalling poverty and benefit sanctions on the poor and the need for food banks.
  • Britain saw the worst rioting for decades in 2011.
  • 6.7 million working families are officially in poverty.
  • £6.3 billion went to private companies to run parts of the NHS as private contractors.
  • The closing of retirement homes and cancelling of housing benefits for under 25’s not caring that some under 25’s can’t live at home due to abuse and struggle to find work meaning they are out on the street.
  • Blind benefit claimants are being passed ‘fit for work’ by ATOS and having their benefits stopped.

The list is endless.

But people take snippets of information like Labour being at fault and the Conservatives making it worse and they give up on voting all together!

Well this needs to stop!

Labour aren’t the perfect party, but they stand for the little man: at least more so than the Conservatives and UKIP.

They stand for the worst-off in our society!

And, in the absence of a viable alternative, we need to get them back in office before it’s too late – before these crooked fat cats ruin our country beyond recognition to the point it cannot be reversed.

Just in case you don’t think it applies to you as you, like me, have a decent job and can afford to live, this is a story about conservative voter I know, proudly thinking we all need to make our own success and if you are at the bottom of the pile it’s your own fault! Well last year he was diagnosed with cancer. Now he relies on the state, as he can’t work, so applied for disability benefit. Only to be told that he would have to wait for 6 months before his claim would even be processed. He is absolutely mystified how people are meant to live in the meantime. Well welcome to the millions of people who go through this everyday.

Perhaps he will vote differently now?


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