Background of our organisation

We’ve grown up in a working class nation and experienced trials and tribulations in all aspects of life albeit in the lower echelons of society. We want to help people who are going through similar difficult experiences and show that there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark your days get.

One day we’d love to be apart of the Labour party – albeit a Labour party that has been dragged back to the left which we would be more than happy to help with – as the party has best represented the background we came from. Although not perfect in many ways, We feel people like us could make a positive change and impact on mainstream politics because we feel the best people to run the country should have experienced all aspects of life – not just a private education in a mansion.

We want to be a voice, a movement, the start of an organisation of people who stand up for the ‘little man’ (and woman) and give a voice to the millions of disgruntled, underpaid and under-appreciated people in society that are shunned and ignored – and make a real difference.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join the fight. send us anything you’ve experienced in your life that people might learn from and we’ll do our best to post it and get it out there.

Thank You


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