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It’s another sad day for the working class and a damning indictment (if we needed another one) for this conservative government. NHS nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers and other staff went on strike outside hospitals on Monday 24th November to campaign to get a measly 1% pay rise – the second time this year and part of the same campaign.

NHS workers can only muster a 4 hour strike as people still need health care – underlining their desire to fight to be paid the bare minimum they should be entitled to while causing the least amount of disruption to the care of the public’s health – true heroes in our communities.

It’s amazing we live in a day an age where the most vital service in our community gets treated with such contempt by the government. We haven’t seen a strike in our health service over pay since 1982 when who was in power? – Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government. No surprise there then. We should have seen it coming the minute David Cameron stepped into number 10 with his hand made polished loafers.

And here lies the problem. The conservatives have proved their stance on the NHS on at least two occasions now through this government and Thatchers.

While the Tory tycoons are enjoying their £50,000 a head banquets, and resting on their velvet thrones in their glass towers counting their piles of money, the working class – seen by the Tories as a mass of compliant lemmings – are beavering away at the bottom, scraping a living and keeping their bank accounts topped up through the disgustingly cheap wages they allow us to have.

They see our free NHS health service – that all we lemmings rely on – is simply a service that can be carved up and sold to increase their wealth, which is all that matters to them.

Most of the Lords and Ladies have probably never set foot in a NHS hospital. The thought of being in with the commoners in what they probably perceive as a dirty public institution where they could catch all manner of diseases is unthinkable.

So when they see us lemmings strike outside our beloved NHS hospitals they quickly respond that there is no money, and ask their spin doctors to put a negative spin on it – and make it seem that the strikers are selfish and weren’t all united on the issue (The Daily Mail). They then roll back over in their 4 poster velvet beds and not give it another thought, because all striking will do is harm other poor working class lemmings. It has no impact on their rich upper-class behinds so why should they care?

It’s like we all live in the grounds of a grand lavish castle as peasants in our mud huts and shacks, while they dine and relax safe and sound on their thrones and at their banquets, only bothered about themselves.

It’s great that NHS staff have raised awareness of the lack of a sufficient pay rise while MP’s will have their bank accounts swelled with a handy 9% rise next year. But unless we fight back as a country, as one big unit, it will all fall on deaf ears.

Money talks as the saying goes. So instead we all need to unite and just have a mass sit down for one day. This would get around the draconian anti-strike laws introduced by Thatcher, after the defeat of the Miners in the 1980s. We could keep vital services such as the fire service, police and hospitals running. But if everyone else just stopped for a day then the country, and attendant profit generation, would grind to a halt.

Because the one thing the conservatives can’t ignore is the loss of money and profits. And because there would be a massive loss sustained across the board, a vote of no confidence in this government and an accompanying strong message that we lemmings can’t just be walked all over could result. We could show that we are a untied front against our tycoon paymasters – because without the lemmings at the bottom holding up the infrastructure, there is no infrastructure – which means no money.

I understand this would be very difficult to organise so there is an alternative. Although it doesn’t feel like it a lot of the time, we are supposed to live in a ”democracy”. And if we can convince enough fellow lemmings that what they are reading in ‘The Scum’ and ‘ The Daily Fail’ is, in fact, conservative propaganda, and that we need to vote for the lesser of two evils – the Labour party – and we can beat them!

We are all aware of the campaigns about PFIs which the Tories have emphasised in order to convince people Labour are the ones that started privatisation. But, when Labour introduced PFIs we didn’t have A&E and walk-in centers closed, and waiting times actually decreased!

And, although Tony Blair’s ‘New Labour’ left a lot to be desired, at least we didn’t see a situation where a record number of children were plunged into poverty (1 in 4 in the UK) and overall poverty is rising like we do today – while at the same time the number of billionaires is actually increasing. In fact there was a big campaign by the last labour government to completely eradicate child poverty by 2020, but that is just another problem the silver spoon Tories have lied about and have shown they really couldn’t care less.

Don’t be fooled by the UKIP siren either. Mr. Farage has openly said in this video that he believes in an insurance-based health service see here. Fooled UKIP supporters will point out that particular policy was voted out. But what they fail to realise is that fellow MP Paul Nuttall has slipped up this year on NHS privatisation! This was retracted from his page this year:

Paul nuttal comments

And this snippet from Question time January 2014 shows him being questioned on his quotes in the above letter that disappeared this year!

Further, this video clearly shows him saying ”The NHS should be open to the free market”.

Unfortunately for UKIP and the Conservatives, but fortunately for us, we live in the Internet age, so we can search, find and share incriminating videos where these liars have shown their true colours. It also gives us a platform to organise mass marches and sit downs.

Let’s stop being divided by corporate propaganda, and be united as the working class army we are as we far outnumber the powers that be!

And, Labour – think on. You may well be the lesser of three evils at the moment, but if you get into power next year, we will be watching.

Feature picture Source: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/03070/strike_3070389k.jpg