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Ever since a young age I’ve heard my mum talk about politics. My grandad was also an avid supporter of politics – he knew we needed to pick the leaders of our country wisely as the leaders we do pick ultimately decide the lives we live. He saw the damage Thatcher’s government did in her reign of terror on the unions and working class. He watched as she privatised everything she could get her privileged, privately educated hands on. He saw her destroy the miners, emotionally and physically and with it millions of working class families. He voted every 5 years and sat up all night watching the live results coming through, praying he didn’t have to endure another Tory government. He passed all this knowledge and experience onto my mum who then in turn passed it to me. As soon as I was educated on the history, I was horrified to see David Cameron’s conservative government get in at the last general election.

So as we approach another general election and a another (potential) 5 year term of conservative office, I pray also that they get booted out on their upper class behinds as another 5 years will spell disaster to this country and hundreds of thousand of working class lives.

Class categorises the main political parties – although they tend to be privately educated men and women, they do stand for different things – even though the common perception is they are all in fact the same. I only have to look at the results of my own city to see the divide, and which class both parties fall into. All the rich, well off, sought after areas are Tory strongholds, and all the lesser working class areas are Labour. Luckily – and I suppose not so luckily – I live in an overwhelmingly Labour area. So our council is run by Labour although we are told what to do by a Conservative government.

David Cameron in many ways upped/surpassed the assault on the poor that Margaret Thatcher began. He has cut every public service from policing to health care, from disabled benefits to housing allowances while spilling his bile about ”all being in it together” to cut the country’s deficit. At the same time all this is going on he is giving tax breaks to the very rich of this country. He is selling off the national treasure that is the NHS, and Royal mail on the cheap stating that privatisation breeds competition and so is cheaper for consumers. But really it just drives prices upwards and customer care downwards while helping his rich friends along the way. It was a fact that George Osborne’s (Cameron’s right hand man) best man at his wedding made millions from the sell off through shares, as no doubt did a whole host of other Tory tycoons.

He has cut benefits and introduced a bedroom tax on spare rooms so that families are reduced to using food banks because they can’t afford food anymore! We live in the 7th richest country in the world but have a level of poverty close to the old eastern block countries, which just highlights the financial divide the Conservatives love to foster in Britain. They love shows such as ‘Benefits Britain’ or Benefits Street’ which justify these heinous acts so people agree with what they are doing. The elderly are dying in the winter due to not being able to afford heating bills as the energy companies – privatised by Thatcher – increase bills and profits with no end in sight.

People are being refused medical treatment because of the cost at our FREE health service (created by Labour) because of the vile cuts they impose. University fees were tripled overnight to keep the working class masses uneducated and therefore no threat to future Conservative governments, as we all know without knowledge we have no power.

They have sold Council estates to their rich property developing friends, who then raise prices so the tenants can’t afford them, boot them out, renovate the property and then sell them/rent them to middle to upper class families. I think the technical term for that is social cleansing.

The Conservatives paint a bad picture of poor families implying that it’s their own fault for the financial state they are in. So instead of increasing minimum wage (which Labour introduced) and tax credits so it’s financially viable for families to stop living on benefits, they cut benefits further to force people into work. But all this has proved is that it sinks even more people into poverty, with low paying jobs that won’t support the household bills and childcare, plunging families into debt and trapping them with nowhere to go.

They control the two most read newspapers in the country ”The Scum” and ”The Daily Fail” to keep the working class in line and smoke screen what is really going on. ”The Sun” uses quite a clever strategy. They advertise naked women in order to appeal to a certain target audience. The majority of workers in the building trade are men, all from working class backgrounds, who read ”The Sun” for this very reason. Then they brainwash people with their pro Tory views and before you know it they are all voting conservative. Recently Tory welfare minister Lord Freud said that disabled people were not worth the minimum wage. Obviously there was a big media backlash, with the papers showing the story on their front covers, except which two papers? You guessed it. If an outsider was to look at Britain, they may come to the conclusion that it’s more of a dictatorship than a democracy.

The Tories are showing statistics and figures depicting that we as an economy are growing, unemployment is falling, and the country is on the road to recovery all thanks to them. But if we cross-reference that with the shocking figures that 6.7 million workers are officially in poverty, regular pay rose 0.7% year on year, when inflation was as high as 1.9%. In London suburbs such as Bethnal Green 49% of children live in poverty, and in at least 20 towns and cities a 3rd of children are in poverty including Manchester, Birmingham and Middlesbrough. But out of all the G7 countries, Britain was the only one where the richest 10% of adults have increased their share of the country’s wealth. It paints a pretty obvious picture of the Conservative’s agenda.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Labour. The Conservatives have painted a picture of them as money wasting idiots that couldn’t run a country if their lives depended on it, which they then back up with the recession, which happened during a Labour term, and with the massive debt this country is now in. But if we analyse the facts we can see this is utter rubbish. Granted, the recession hit during a Labour government. But correct me if I’m wrong – but there was a worldwide recession at the same time. We used to be a booming industrial country with a massive car manufacturing industry until Thatcher removed the law that stated companies could only outsource a small amount of work abroad. So now we have millions of jobs going abroad, damaging the economy.

For every tycoon in the Tory party who has a million pound successful business they seem to miss the point when it comes to the country. With the privatisation of the energy companies, railways and Royal Mail, we now as a country don’t make money off business, just taxes. Which obviously won’t sustain us because a lot of companies, such as Amazon don’t actually pay their taxes.

Meanwhile, with sky-high university fees people aren’t learning sufficient skills to earn top money, which also doesn’t then contribute to the economy.

Labour did remove restrictions so people could borrow more and buy houses, which backfired as people got in debt and the banks crashed. But at least they did that to help people. They had good intentions; it just went wrong but who doesn’t make mistakes? The banks should shoulder some of the blame for lending to people who clearly couldn’t afford it. So it is a history of mainly Conservative policies, which has destroyed this country.

We have another party now rising in UKIP (In their leader’s own words and I quote ”the true inheritors of Thatcher”). They float the idea that being in the European Union allowing free movement between countries and the influx of immigrants is contributing to the failure of this country. They promise that they will leave the EU if they get in power and try to be like everyday working class people with their leader’s Nigel Farage’s publicity stunts – by drinking in pubs, and also by advocating smoking be brought back to the taverns.

But these Tories in disguise mustn’t woo us! They will continue to privatise the NHS citing that making it a competitive institution it will breed competition making it better. Erm where have I heard that before? They believe in taking away the rights workers have so they aren’t entitled to sick pay when they are off work due to illness. People think that a vote for UKIP would be better than conservative. But with Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless defecting to UKIP from the conservatives we see that they are the same party, if not worse in some people’s eyes.

It’s disgusting that the most read media are so lame that it does not challenge the Conservatives and UKIP – making them like heroes – the uneducated working class follow the band wagon and vote to get them into power only realising afterwards their lives are ruined.

It’s a shame that the majority of the people directly affected by these horrible polices don’t even vote! There was once a time when only the middle to upper classes were allowed to vote. But now it’s open to everyone, people choose not to as they are so disillusioned with the system and believe all the rubbish they hear about politicians.

The thing is we need to vote.

People have noticed over the past 5 years the change and the poverty, death and hardship more than ever.

  • The NHS staff have gone on strike about appalling wages! (First time in 32 years when who was in charge? Thatcher)
  • There has been and endless precession of marches, and protests against the government’s cruel policies.
  • 27 church Bishops wrote an open letter to David Cameron on the appalling poverty and benefit sanctions on the poor and the need for food banks.
  • Britain saw the worst rioting for decades in 2011.
  • 6.7 million working families are officially in poverty.
  • £6.3 billion went to private companies to run parts of the NHS as private contractors.
  • The closing of retirement homes and cancelling of housing benefits for under 25’s not caring that some under 25’s can’t live at home due to abuse and struggle to find work meaning they are out on the street.
  • Blind benefit claimants are being passed ‘fit for work’ by ATOS and having their benefits stopped.

The list is endless.

But people take snippets of information like Labour being at fault and the Conservatives making it worse and they give up on voting all together!

Well this needs to stop!

Labour aren’t the perfect party, but they stand for the little man: at least more so than the Conservatives and UKIP.

They stand for the worst-off in our society!

And, in the absence of a viable alternative, we need to get them back in office before it’s too late – before these crooked fat cats ruin our country beyond recognition to the point it cannot be reversed.

Just in case you don’t think it applies to you as you, like me, have a decent job and can afford to live, this is a story about conservative voter I know, proudly thinking we all need to make our own success and if you are at the bottom of the pile it’s your own fault! Well last year he was diagnosed with cancer. Now he relies on the state, as he can’t work, so applied for disability benefit. Only to be told that he would have to wait for 6 months before his claim would even be processed. He is absolutely mystified how people are meant to live in the meantime. Well welcome to the millions of people who go through this everyday.

Perhaps he will vote differently now?


Picture Source: (http://www.popularresistance.org/the-real-goal-of-the-shutdown-cut-social-security-medicare-austerity/)